Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TC Tuesdays

Good Morning everyone - at least it is morning here in Tampa, FL!  Have you upgraded your software yet?  Remember the newest version is 7.08!

I have a 'quickie' tutorial today!  I found the perfect dingbat font for creating what I call "cutesy" Halloween critters!  Click on the link and it will take you to site where there are TONS of free downloads!

The font that I download is called MTF Sweet Halloween Dings

Here is the link if you want to go straight to the Details of the font.  The details will give you the keystroke to use when you want the load the particular character. Install the font onto your computer and then open up your software and find this font listed under the True Type fonts.

Don't forget the wonderful learning center available to all who own this software. You can find the link to it here... click on the Lettering section and view how to use True Type fonts.

Here is another great video to help you understand how to use True Type Fonts!

Here is a picture of my first Floriani software project.   I was so excited to create this little Halloween bib just in time for the holiday!

If you look carefully at the font above, you will see this cutesy little pumpkin!  It is the letter "E" on your keyboard...

You can find the FREE file here.  You must have a BOX account to access this file.  It is easy!

AND sew on....


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"TC Tuesdays"!

Welcome to TC Tuesdays!  Each Tuesday I will post new information about the Floriani Total Control software.

Exciting NEWS coming !  The NEW 7.08 update is almost ready!! (Actually my software was updated last night!)

You can find more information regarding the update here  BUT I am excited that they added the Bernina hoops in this update!!

check it out...

6 - Hoop Sizes Added
  • We have added some new hoops into the software:

    • Bernina 72x50• Janome 200x230• Pfaff 120x120 Round
    • Bernina 260x400• Janome 125x90• Pfaff 50x80
    • Bernina 150x400• Janome 125x140• Pfaff 250x225
    • Bernina 40x60• Janome 140x200• Pfaff 225x90
    • Bernina 100x130• Pfaff 200x260• Singer 50x150
    • Brother 130x300• Pfaff 350x360• Singer 210x430
    • Brother 300x378• Pfaff 200x200• Singer 250x450
    • Brother 100x172• Pfaff 100x180• Singer 130x240
    • Elna 125x90• Pfaff 33x9• Viking 200x260
    • Janome 140x140• Pfaff 166.5x60• Viking 150x360
    • Janome 200x280• Pfaff 80x80 Round• Viking 350x360

    Do you know how to update your software?  It is easy really!  Just use the dropdown menu in the Help tab.  If your computer is attached to the internet, it will find the update immediately as soon as you open your software.

Don't forget!!!  PLUS, if you have already signed up there is a webinar tonight by Walter Floriani...  There still may be room left to sign up ...

Here is the link  


Friday, October 11, 2013

What are "Hot Keys"?

I asked the presenter at the Bernina Floriani event if there were "hot key's" for the Floriani Total Control Software.  And the answer is YES!

Floriani Total Control - Professional Embroidery Software

I am a big fan of "Hot Keys" as they make my life easier when operating the different software programs that I own!  I found this information on their web site and now I am going to print off the sheet and keep it handy...  P.S.  They can be found on the last page of the software workbook! Here they are...

Hot Keys are keyboard shortcut keys that allow you to access features faster.

Hot Keys

 Manual Stitch - 1
 Run Stitch - 2
 Satin Stitch - 3
 Classic Satin Stitch - 9
 Steil Stitch - 4
 Complex Stitch - 5
 Applique Stitch - 6
 Cross Stitch - 8
 Sequin Run Stitch - 7
 Artwork Tool - 0
 Text Tool - T
 New Design - Ctrl+N
 Open - Ctrl+0
 Save - Ctrl+S
 Cut - Shift+Delete
 Copy - Ctrl+C
 Paste - Ctrl+V
 Undo - Alt+Backspace
 Redo - Ctrl+Y

Print - Ctrl+P
Insert - Ctrl+I
Delete - Delete
Select All - Ctrl+A
Transform - Ctrl+T
Refresh - F5
Slow Redraw - Ctrl+R
Pan - P
Draw 3D - Ctrl+3
Ruler - R
Backdrop - Ctrl+B

While you have a digitizing tool selected you can change the digitizing mode:
Freehand mode - F
Bezier mode - B
Simple mode - S

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The NEW Bernina 880!!

Can you say "Awesome"???

Check out this video here...

How to easily combine letters and stitches!.....

What type of learner are you?

After 5 exhausting days, I am sitting here drinking my coffee and perusing the internet.  I ran across this website that is PERFECT for all of my sewing peeps! 

Throughout my teaching career I was subjected to an immense number of trainings but the one that transformed my teaching style was  "How the Brain Learns".  (Ironically I also remember the beautiful grey dress and the expensive shoes she wore.)

This morning I read an article on the 'Sew Mama Sew' blog's here titled "What Kind of Learner Are You?"  I will highlight a few pieces from the article BUT it is well worth reading!

Here are the FOUR Learning styles!  I just want to comment that many of us are a combination of these learning styles.......

1.  Auditory Learners - learn best by hearing.  - if you were at the Floriani training this past weekend, you learned alot!!

2.  Print-Oriented Learners - learn best by reading...  ( This is why it is so important to have a handout or pattern for everyone to follow!)

3.  Visual-Spatial Learners - learn best by looking at visuals, patterns, samples of the technique etc.

4.  Tactile-Kinesthetic Learners - learn best by doing

The ideal teaching model is to combine all of these learning styles into the class. Personally this has been my teaching style since this inspirational training in the late '80's!

When you take your next class think back to this article and then you will be able to decided for yourself why you enjoyed ( or did not enjoy!) the class!

"sew on......."

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Finally!! Presser Feet Tutorials!


Here is the link to the main page for all of the tutorials!

If you know me or have purchased a machine from the Bernina Pfaff Sewing center, then you know that one of my top three is feet is Foot #10 ( #10D with dual feed for me...)

Here is a quick little video explaining how it works.  Enjoy!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Who doesn't love a FREE surprise?!

I look forward to each season even though they do not seem to change here in Florida...My husband was whining about the Christmas decorations being out already - NOT ME!  I said - I love this entire season...  (Yes - I am married to the Grinch and I have a Grinch junior as well!)

I only subscribed to a few select sewing newsletters - not enough time to read them all!    This is ONE of my favorites - the San Francisco Stitch Co!

I love this welcome banner as well...
And the best part of all is the Fall Mystery Stitch party has begun!  Come join the fun!!

You can see the previous designs here.  You must be a member of the private mailing list and you can find out the info here as well!  Come join the party!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

DesignWorks Divas workshop!

Woohoo - the Fall season has arrived!  SO has the first class of the new Fall schedule for the "DesignWorks Divas!"

Here are our 'new digs' in the Bernina Sewing Store at our brand new Temple Terrace location..( wow - BIG screen!).  I have redesigned the class and incorporated a new teaching model for the ladies so they will be able to go home and use this software!
                 . photo 0916131742_zps3fd6babc.jpg

The lesson for the workshop was an adaptation of the post from Mary Beck for We All Sew "Crazy for Hexagons" here

Others see this post as a quilt but not me, I see "Mug Rugs! instead of a quilt- ...................yikes -too BIG for me!

Here is a pic of our finished Cutwork file...mmm what does this file look like??

The class  was to learn how to create our own the Cutwork and Appliqué files for our Bernina machines and that is exactly what we did!!  Of course it took us all night to create the files but THAT is why you take the class ladies! :)

So back at home, in my very special sewing studio. I created these 4 adorable mug rugs!  Check them out here...
I used Riley Blake's fabric line called "Hello Sunshine".  These just seem so bright and cheery to me!

Here is a close up of the mug rug in front!

I added the back piece before the last step of the appliqué design.  Here is what the back looks like....

Here are the basic steps to creating this set of "Grandmother's Garden" Mug rugs!

So Step #1 is to cut out your shapes for the cutting file and fuse the adhesive to the back...

The Step #2 is to create the sandwich of two layers of Hydrostick..

Then we are ready to cut!  Are you ready for cut #1???

And it is on to cut #2....here is what the prompt looks like on your screen...

Time to turn the dial...

We are on a roll.... it is now time to turn the dial to #3

Turn the dial to #4 - at last!!

Woohoo ,,, we are almost finished! Is this easy or what???

Woohoo!! .... they are all cut out!  Now it is time to start stitching!  If you would like to create your very own file - be sure and visit the "We All Sew" blog where Mary does a terrific job in explaining how to create this design.

If you purchased your Cutwork software at the Bernina-Pfaff Sewing Center in Tampa, Fl..  The next class is October 14th from 5:30-8:30!  The topic for the class is "50 Shades of Cutwork"!!

If you would like to purchase the Cutwork software only or any part of the DesignWorks software, please call the store at 813-969-2358.  I am there on Mondays and Saturdays, but our friendly staff will be able to help you Monday through Saturday!

I hope to see you all there....

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Need some inspiration??

I would say that we all do!  So here is the perfect APP for you!  I love this site as I can always find some type of inspiration here or 'meet' a new designer or a "Bernina whatever!"

So if you have that "I-something" , you can download it now but not me...the Android version is coming soon,,, what's with that, Bernina???

                                The WeAllSew Mobile App for creative sewers on the go!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jedi Craft Girl rocks!

While I was checking out the other projects on Jedi Craft Girl blog, I came across so many cute ideas, my mind is spinning!  But I thought this project would be a great project for a beginner sewing class.

zipper pouch

The directions to make this bag are found here.. and it looks like it is another terrific project for using up your scraps!!  Please check back later in the week for my "beginner Sewing" project sample!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quilted Composition book cover

Boy - has this blog been ignored lately!  I have been so busy 'Artbooking' with my Close to My Heart cartridge that I have not been able to sew!...  but do not worry - a few posts will be happening this week!

Here is a great project, especially if you are in a hurry for a few little gifts!  You can find the tutorial  by 'Jedi Craft Girl' here  ( love her blog name!)

My idea is to make some of these for my teacher friends and use up some scrap fabric!  I would have loved one of these when I was teaching!  


Friday, July 26, 2013

LOVE the Circular Attachment foot!!


Anyone who knows me, will know that I have a ranking of my FAV- or-ite Bernina feet!!  

#1 - Coming in as numero uno is #57D - yep- gotta have that dual feed!
#2 - #10D - cannot tolerate crooked edgestitching!!

AND #3 - The Circular Embroidery attachment!!  Check out the video and you will want one NOW!  call the Bernina Sewing Center in Temple Terrace, FL and order yours today

Friday, July 19, 2013

Great little pouch to make!

This little zippered pouch is so stinkin' cute - I should have guessed it was Vanessa Christenson!   Check out this fabulous project on the We All Sew site here!

Then come over to the Bernina store in Temple Terrace and buy enough fabric so you can cut off the selvages to make this!!