Friday, October 11, 2013

What are "Hot Keys"?

I asked the presenter at the Bernina Floriani event if there were "hot key's" for the Floriani Total Control Software.  And the answer is YES!

Floriani Total Control - Professional Embroidery Software

I am a big fan of "Hot Keys" as they make my life easier when operating the different software programs that I own!  I found this information on their web site and now I am going to print off the sheet and keep it handy...  P.S.  They can be found on the last page of the software workbook! Here they are...

Hot Keys are keyboard shortcut keys that allow you to access features faster.

Hot Keys

 Manual Stitch - 1
 Run Stitch - 2
 Satin Stitch - 3
 Classic Satin Stitch - 9
 Steil Stitch - 4
 Complex Stitch - 5
 Applique Stitch - 6
 Cross Stitch - 8
 Sequin Run Stitch - 7
 Artwork Tool - 0
 Text Tool - T
 New Design - Ctrl+N
 Open - Ctrl+0
 Save - Ctrl+S
 Cut - Shift+Delete
 Copy - Ctrl+C
 Paste - Ctrl+V
 Undo - Alt+Backspace
 Redo - Ctrl+Y

Print - Ctrl+P
Insert - Ctrl+I
Delete - Delete
Select All - Ctrl+A
Transform - Ctrl+T
Refresh - F5
Slow Redraw - Ctrl+R
Pan - P
Draw 3D - Ctrl+3
Ruler - R
Backdrop - Ctrl+B

While you have a digitizing tool selected you can change the digitizing mode:
Freehand mode - F
Bezier mode - B
Simple mode - S

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