Monday, June 17, 2013

WHAT is Washi Tape?

That seems to be the question every time when I show off this fabric!  Here is a dress made with the gray washi tape fabric that we carry at the store...
You can find the post to this blog here...  This fabric was designed by Rashida Coleman Hale...  I love her work.  We have this book at the store right now - love the little boxes I made from the book...

She also was a guest on a recent SewItAll show featuring her bag made with this same Washi tape fabric!   She featured her "Rock the Tote" bag and the directions can be found here.  I watched it a few weeks ago at the gym - hey you have to pass the time somehow!!

So since I have not explained to you what IS washi tape  - are you wondering???  Here is a post that explains it all!  AND if you are on Pinterest, here is the board.  SO start grabbing up all of the ideas you can!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Up-style a t-shirt into a dress!

Imagine my brain when one of my customers suggested I use a premade T-shit to create a dress!  I am ready to start shopping for both a t-shirt AND knit fabric!   Check this out....

My Modern World...

OK - I am so ready to start moving on - life is about challenges - learning something NEW each and every day!

I have found Amanda Murphy - a young, vibrant AND creative designer.... and I love her work!  Look for some of her designs at Fall Preview this September at the Bernina-Pfaff Sewing Center

You can find her so do visit her blog here and at We All Sew here...  Amanda's designs are so fresh and a joy to recreate!


Amanda has a new book coming out this fall....  so excited!!  Doesn't the cover look FAB- u -lous????

Just imagine - Precut solids.. oh no will this put put me out of a job???  I do not think so!

Since it is summer here in Tampa, Fl - what does that mean?  Sewing in my air conditioned room, that's what!!!  Come join me for a summer of fun...

Leave me a comment if you are ready to learn something new!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

I have decided I am a Modern Quilter!

So many of you know that I am a garment maker and NOT a quilter, but now I realize why..  I was looking through the wrong mirror!  
woman looking in mirror

OK - I know this is not me but the idea does work!......I love the challenge of sewing garments - the fit, the design and finally the construction......

But now I have a new passion....  Modern Quilting is so me!  Now since I am NOT an expert at quilting, does this disqualify me for any form of quilting ... I think not.  

Beee.. cause in life there is always something NEW you can learn!  For me.. I have the basics to quilting - thanks to Debra and Sue ! for teaching me the basics but now I am ready to move on...

I am so excited to get this book so I can start my Modern Baby quilts...maybe soon I will have a baby in the Brill house to make these for.... OK ..... (one can always dream... ) BUT if you are lucky to have one of those soft, cuddly, warm little ones... start your sewing engines!  These designs are the cutest designs ever and where can you buy this book?  Bernina-Pfaff Sewing center, of course!

Here is another book on my wish list - like tomorrow!
I am so ready to start stitchin' quilts with both of these books... how about you?!

Just give us a call (or send me an email) and we will will order these for you and ship them to your address.. even if you live - "oh so far away from Tampa, Fl"  so sad,....  but S & H is added to the book - just in case you asked...

BUT I am so ready to start sewing these FAB-u-lous designs...anyone want to join me???

Friday, June 7, 2013

The "Summer of No Pants 2013"

                                Summer of No Pants Challenge 2013 #sew #diy #contest #bernina #weallsew

OK - I am so onto this for this summer!  I am already hot and sweaty every day and it is only June!!  What is August going to be like???

I am going to start with my first post of this easy skirt!   You will find the We All Sew link here  and now I am going to shop 'my stash' and see what I can find to make this skirt.  Maybe I have some gauzy fabric laying around somewhere.....


The directions to make this skirt are included in the link at We All Sew...  I will definitely update you on my progress.....

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The art of ripping out your seams!

"As Ye doth SEW so shall ye RIP!"  is a saying that I had on my classroom wall in the 70's!  Back then I had to hand cut out the letters and I used Elmer's Glue to glue them onto a piece of yellow dyed burlap.  I know this is a pun on a bible verse but I can not pinpoint the actual passage in the bible, so you have to google it to find that out for yourself.

 This link is a wonderful source for  The art of seam ripping!  The blog gives you some wonderful tips for ripping out your seams!

Claudia showed me a fabulous ripper on Saturday that she purchased at our Brandon store. Sue is on her second box of these. Check out the You Tube video which showcases the marvelous features of this unique seam ripper!

                             Seam Fix Seam Ripper
This tool has a unique top and bottom - right?  Wonder why?  watch the video!

I think we need to order some for the Tampa store - what do you think??  Post a comment to let me know what you think!