Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"TC Tuesdays"!

Welcome to TC Tuesdays!  Each Tuesday I will post new information about the Floriani Total Control software.

Exciting NEWS coming !  The NEW 7.08 update is almost ready!! (Actually my software was updated last night!)

You can find more information regarding the update here  BUT I am excited that they added the Bernina hoops in this update!!

check it out...

6 - Hoop Sizes Added
  • We have added some new hoops into the software:

    • Bernina 72x50• Janome 200x230• Pfaff 120x120 Round
    • Bernina 260x400• Janome 125x90• Pfaff 50x80
    • Bernina 150x400• Janome 125x140• Pfaff 250x225
    • Bernina 40x60• Janome 140x200• Pfaff 225x90
    • Bernina 100x130• Pfaff 200x260• Singer 50x150
    • Brother 130x300• Pfaff 350x360• Singer 210x430
    • Brother 300x378• Pfaff 200x200• Singer 250x450
    • Brother 100x172• Pfaff 100x180• Singer 130x240
    • Elna 125x90• Pfaff 33x9• Viking 200x260
    • Janome 140x140• Pfaff 166.5x60• Viking 150x360
    • Janome 200x280• Pfaff 80x80 Round• Viking 350x360

    Do you know how to update your software?  It is easy really!  Just use the dropdown menu in the Help tab.  If your computer is attached to the internet, it will find the update immediately as soon as you open your software.

Don't forget!!!  PLUS, if you have already signed up there is a webinar tonight by Walter Floriani...  There still may be room left to sign up ...

Here is the link  


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