Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What type of learner are you?

After 5 exhausting days, I am sitting here drinking my coffee and perusing the internet.  I ran across this website that is PERFECT for all of my sewing peeps! 

Throughout my teaching career I was subjected to an immense number of trainings but the one that transformed my teaching style was  "How the Brain Learns".  (Ironically I also remember the beautiful grey dress and the expensive shoes she wore.)

This morning I read an article on the 'Sew Mama Sew' blog's here titled "What Kind of Learner Are You?"  I will highlight a few pieces from the article BUT it is well worth reading!

Here are the FOUR Learning styles!  I just want to comment that many of us are a combination of these learning styles.......

1.  Auditory Learners - learn best by hearing.  - if you were at the Floriani training this past weekend, you learned alot!!

2.  Print-Oriented Learners - learn best by reading...  ( This is why it is so important to have a handout or pattern for everyone to follow!)

3.  Visual-Spatial Learners - learn best by looking at visuals, patterns, samples of the technique etc.

4.  Tactile-Kinesthetic Learners - learn best by doing

The ideal teaching model is to combine all of these learning styles into the class. Personally this has been my teaching style since this inspirational training in the late '80's!

When you take your next class think back to this article and then you will be able to decided for yourself why you enjoyed ( or did not enjoy!) the class!

"sew on......."

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