Friday, September 20, 2013

Who doesn't love a FREE surprise?!

I look forward to each season even though they do not seem to change here in Florida...My husband was whining about the Christmas decorations being out already - NOT ME!  I said - I love this entire season...  (Yes - I am married to the Grinch and I have a Grinch junior as well!)

I only subscribed to a few select sewing newsletters - not enough time to read them all!    This is ONE of my favorites - the San Francisco Stitch Co!

I love this welcome banner as well...
And the best part of all is the Fall Mystery Stitch party has begun!  Come join the fun!!

You can see the previous designs here.  You must be a member of the private mailing list and you can find out the info here as well!  Come join the party!!

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