Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Part 2 - The Gingerbread Man Cookie Recipe

After a suggestion on the Facebook page for a kitchen towel, I searched for a recipe and found one in Taste of Home. (check the link in the previous post).

I typed it up in Microsoft Word and brought it into the V7 software.  I used the suggestions from the March 2014 Software Sampler for the fonts and sizing.  I then used the function of combining multiple hoops to create the stitch file for the design.

I soon realized that it was waaay too large for a towel and the project morphed into an apron!  

I used Abbey Lane's pattern called Lady Godiva.. You can find the pattern here or ask for it at your favorite quilt store.

Naturally I always 'make it my own' so I eliminated the pockets and added a ruffle to the top!  The best part about the apron was I used fabric from my Christmas stash!!

Stitching the ruffles was a snap because I used #16C gathering foot for my Bernina. I prefer the larger foot as it sits over both of the feed dogs evenly.

Here is a closer look at the recipe - I used Floriani's 60 weight thread which is PER-fect for stitching out a recipe.

As a holiday gift from me to you, I would like to share the stitched file.  Here they are!

You can find the files below: 

Bernina Art 50 here

Bernina Art 60 here

Bernina Art 70 here

The fonts that I used are Jenna Sue - a free font from www.dafont.com here and Roman Small in the Bernina V7 software.

If you download them, please let me know it you were able to use them!  Happy baking!

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