Friday, December 12, 2014

Part 1 - The Gingerbread Man Cookie project!

Last week my husband said to me that he would like me to make Gingerbread cookies this year.  Now I have to say, I no longer bake cookies for a variety of reasons but most importantly - I am not bakin' when I can be stitchin'!

So I 'googled' for a recipe and found this one on Taste of (you can never go wrong with their recipes)!

Well one thing led to another and I decided to make a cutwork gingerbread man using the DesignWorks software.  I started with a line drawing from a coloring page and then started building my guy. (no wonderful smells coming from the kitchen....)

When I design my files, I always add a placement stitch (red line) for the fabric size.  Then I add a tackdown line (blue line) for the basting stitch.  With this file I can cut out up to 6 gingerbread men at once.

I sequence the lines so all of the red stitches cut out first, then the blue lines basting them down all at once.

Here are the cut pieces in the hoop - ready to go!

All cut out and ready to be stitched!

Here is the embroidery finished file... 

I have to add that I added his eyes and smile in the V7software because they were too small to fuss with.. :)

Here he is all stitched out!

Coming next....  Part 2 - The Recipe

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