Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cutting the Sterling Life Flower Borders.

One of my customers is going to create a table runner instead of the center block design for this class. I decided that I would take a break from houses and make up one myself for my home.

I decided that it would really help me understand how to select the fabric if I had a color/sample chart to add small snips of my color choices.  Here is a picture of the page I created.  It may not be professional looking but you get the idea!

I started cutting out the designs and I knew that Bernina had posted a video to demonstrate how to use the cutwork tool and is perfect for taking the fear out of making your first cut.  Check it out!

Then I took a few pictures of my cutting this afternoon to illustrate how I cut out one of the designs from the Flower Border.

Hoop the stabilizer and stitch out color #1. 

The stitch out is the exact size of the cut fabric shapes in my chart above.

Spray the stabilizer and the back of your fabric pieces.  Here I layered 3 cut pieces  ( one extra...just in case).

The files are so well digitized, that they include both a shaped outline for the cut fabric AND a basting stitch to hold them in place.  No need for the top layer of a stabilizer as you see in the video above.

Cut out the designs by following the prompts on the screen.  Each time you turn the dial and change the number, you are changing the angle of the blade.

I hope this mini tutorial will help those you who are new to using the cutting tool.  If you have any questions, please ask!


  1. Aline, did you pre-treat your fabric at all before cutting? Starch/Terial Magic/whatevs?

  2. This one I starched heavily as I ran out of Terial Magic. I used Niagara spray starch in a non aerosol bottle.